The Best Saying: ” Have a unique Character like a Salt. It’s presence is not felt but it’s absence make’s Things Tasteless..”




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To test the reality of gold, we burn it in a fire. Similarly, the allegations on individuals test their genuineness.


The Cunning Mediator

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Two partridges (quail-like birds) lived in a certain tree in the jungle. While one of them lived on the branches, the other lived inside a hole at the foot of the tree. They became good friends, and they would spend long hours with each other telling each other stories and events of their lives. In this manner, the partridges spent their time in happiness. One day, one of them went away with some more partidges in search of food.

As was usual, when he did not return back even at sunset, the other partridge started worrying. He thought, “He has not done this ever. Why has the partridge not returned home today? Has been trapped by some hunter? Or maybe even killed? I cannot live without me. I am certain there is some reason why he has not returned even at nightfall.” He did not return even the next day, or the day after. For several days, the partridge kept worrying, and then gave up hope of his friend’s return. “And so, I spent several days worrying. On nightfall, a hare came to the tree and observing an empty hole at the foot of the tree, took shelter inside. Since, the partridge had given up hope, he did not object to the hole being occupied by the hare. After a few days the partridge returned. He had gone to a place where there was plenty of food to eat. He had grown fat, but remembering his dear friend, he thought of returning. On his return, when he found that a hare had taken over his house, he objected strongly, “Hare! This hole is my home, and you have taken over during my absence. This is very unfair of you. I demand you to leave immediately”. The hare disagreed, “This place is mine now. I am not leaving. I found this hole empty, and therefore made it my home”. Thus, they began to quarrel. The partridge understood there was no point in quarrelling with the hare, and said, “Hare! You seem to lack the basic ethics. Let us approach someone holy and knowledgeable. Let someone well-versed in holy books decide who is right, and thus, who shall have the right to occupy the hole.”

The hare agreed, and as suggested they went to look for a holy man to settle their dispute. Meanwhile, a wild tomcat became aware that they wanted to settle their dispute through a holy man. He quickly posed as a learned animal. He held a blade of holy Kusha grass in his paw and stood on the bank of a river, where he will be quickly spotted. Standing on his hind legs, with his eyes closed, he started chanting. When the partridge and the hare came across him, the hare said, “He looks holy, and a learned person. Let us go and seek his advice.” The partridge agreed but said, “Yes, let us seek his opinion. But he is a wild cat by birth, and a natural enemy for both of us. We should be careful, and speak only from a distance.” As decided, they came to the wild tomcat, but stood at a distance, “Holy person! We have a dispute amongst us. Will you please settle our dispute and advice us who is right in accordance to Holy Scriptures. If you decide that one of us has sinned, you may as well eat him!” The tomcat replied, “O my friends, I have denounced the violent life as it leads to hell. Non-violence is the very essence of true religion. I shall not harm any of you. However, I will hear both of you and settle your dispute with the knowledge I have gained.” Both the partridge and the hare were impressed. The wild tomcat continued, “But I am old, and cannot hear you from that distance. Fear not! I do not even harm a lice, bug or a mosquito. Come close, and explain the reason of your dispute. I shall make the most just settlement.”

With all these sayings, he won the confidence of both of them. Both the partridge and the hare came near him and sat close to him to explain the reason of their dispute. This was the very opportunity that the tomcat was looking for. As soon as they sat beside him, he jumped and seized one of them in his teeth and the other with his claws. He killed both of them and made a meal out of them.


Beware of a rascal who pretends to be holy.

Of Crows and Owls

Once upon a time, all the birds – the swans, cranes, parrots, cuckoos, owls, peacocks, doves and the rest of them – decided to meet. They had to discuss a subject of most importance. Unfortunately, no crow had joined yet, but they could not wait any longer.

They debated, “Garuda, who is the king of all birds, is always busy in serving his master. He has neither the time, nor the interest to bother about us! There is no point in having a king who does not protect and remains at the position of the king only as a namesake.” And so the birds discussed, “Let us choose a king amongst us!” On this, they started looking at each other; suddenly the features of owl attracted everybody. He was powerful, had impressive features, and most importantly he could see at night, when they were most unsafe. They agreed that the owl would be an apt king for themselves. They shouted, “The owl should be our king! Let us prepare for the coronation at once!” As decided, the birds collected 108 holy roots, water from the holy rivers, and prepared a lavish and highly decorated throne. They even spread the ground in front of the throne with tiger skin. The Brahmins, they had invited, started chanting from holy books, while the birds beat drums, and beautiful maidens blew conches and sang songs of joy. With a map of all the continents and oceans drawn, the owl was prepared to be crowned. At the moment the owl was being accompanied to the throne to be crowned, a crow arrived. He asked curiously, “Please let me know the reason of this great gathering, and lavish celebration!” The crow was indeed known for his smartness, and the birds decided to explain and take his opinion. The birds explained, “O Crow, Garuda has no time to bother about us. So, we have decided to denounce him as our king and have elected the owl to be our new king. Since, you have just joined, please provide us with your opinion also.”

The crow smiled and replied, “In my opinion, I should advise against crowning the owl as our king!” He continued to explain, “The owl is blind by the day. And look at him. Why have an ugly king, when the birds are known for their beauty. We have the peacocks, swans, nightingales, pigeons and so many more who look so beautiful. And look at him, he looks so cruel with his crooked nose and squint eyes. How would he look if he was angry? I certainly advise against crowning him.” The other birds started considering his points, and the crow continues with his arguments, “And what do we gain from electing him as our king? We already have Garuda as our king. The mere mention of his name would keep our enemies away! It is not necessary at all, for us to elect a new king and denounce Garuda!” On hearing his logic, the birds started pondering, “His arguments are right. The entire reason of our meeting serves no purpose. Let us think awhile and meet some other time.” One by one, the birds started flying away. Even the Brahmins and beautiful maidens started to leave. The crow was still sitting on the branch of a tree. Unable to understand the commotion, the owl and his wife were still waiting to be crowned king and queen. The owl asked his wife, “What is happening? Why is the crowning ceremony yet to begin? Why have all the birds left?” His wife replied, “As I understand, the crow put an obstacle in the crowning ceremony. He persuaded all the other birds to fly away. Only he, with ulterior motives, stayed behind. We should return home, too.”

On hearing this, the owl got very disappointed. He shouted to the crow, “You are a wicked bird. I did not harm you in any way, and yet you put obstacle to my crowning ceremony. From today, I end all friendly relationship with you. From now onwards, our kind and your kind will be nothing but enemies.” The owl left with his wife, to return to his home. The crow was left alone. With everybody else gone, he decided to leave too. While flying off, he thought, “Why did I speak my mind? My advice to the birds was not required. It is because of my advice, that crows will always have the mighty owls as their enemies.”


Keep your counsel to yourself and thus stay away from trouble.

How To Control Good & Bad Person

You can take control a greedy person by paying money, But if you want to control a good person, then you have to tell the truth.


The Unlucky Weaver

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Once, there lived a cloth-weaver called Somilaka, who wove very exquisite clothes that served only kings and princes. However, he earned very less and could hardly afford to live. Other weavers in the locality were rich, despite the fact that they weaved much inferior clothes. One day, he said to his wife, “My dear, this place does not deserve me! I weave superior clothes, and yet I earn so little. On the other hand, the other weavers grow richer by the day with their inferior clothes. I shall seek my success somewhere else.” His wife, however, did not want to leave, for there was no assurance of betterment somewhere else. But the weaver had made up his mind, and left the place in search of better prospects. He went to another city, where he indeed was successful. His clothes became popular for the high quality, and in three years he had saved three hundred coins of gold. Now that he was rich, he decided to return home to his hometown and his wife.

During his journey, in the middle of the jungle, he heard two voices: Destiny: “Action, you should not have let the weaver earn three hundred coins of gold. He does not require that much for his living!” Action: “Destiny, I had to reward him according to his efforts, but you may decide how much he should retain!” He checked into his bag to find that the gold coins were lost. He became very sad. He thought, “I will not be able to face my wife! All my efforts for the last three years have been lost.” So, he discontinued his journey, and returned to the city. He worked very hard, and within a year, earned five hundred gold coins. Now that he was rich again, he decided to return home to his wife. During his journey, in the middle of the jungle, he heard the two voices again: Destiny: “Action, you should not have let the weaver earn five hundred coins of gold. He does not require that much for his living!” Action: “Destiny, I had to reward him according to his efforts, but you may decide how much he should retain!” When he heard this, remembering the last time, he quickly checked into the bag and found that the gold coins were missing. He became very sad, and wished he died. He sat down and thought, “There is no point in living. I have lost my money again, and cannot face my wife in this state of poverty! I shall hang myself on a tree!” He wove a rope from the nearby grass, and tied it in a Banyan tree. He made a noose around his neck.

Just as he was about to hang himself, he heard a voice from heaven, “I am Destiny! I have taken the gold coins from you as you did not need the money for your living. But I am pleased with your industrious deeds. I permit you to ask for a boon that I shall grant.” Somilaka replied, “Please give a lot of gold coins, that is the only boon that I ask you to grant” Destiny asked, “You are not destined to earn more than you need for a living. Why do you ask for the money that you cannot enjoy?” But the weaver was adamant. So, the wish was granted, “I shall grant you your wish, but you must return to the city and visit any two merchants’ houses. Study their behaviour and let me know how you would like your money to be (given to you)” So, he discontinued his journey once again, and returned to the city. He went into a merchant’s house, and was greeted as a guest according to local traditions. This merchant was very rich, but did not like this unwanted guest. They gave him food in the most insulting manner, and offered a dirty bed for the night. At night, he heard the two voices again: Destiny: “Action, you should not have let the merchant provide food to the weaver. He has forced himself as an unwanted guest!” Action: “Destiny, the weaver needed to be provided for the night, and the merchant did so in his miserly ways, but you may decide the outcome!” Next morning, he went into another merchant’s house, where he was warmly welcomed. He was provided with new clothes and water to bathe. He was then served a lavish dinner, and a comfortable bed to sleep in. During his stay, he realized that the second merchant was not rich. At night, he heard the two voices again:

Destiny: “Action, you should not have let the merchant provide entertain the weaver so extravagantly. He has forced himself as an unwanted guest!” Action: “Destiny, the weaver needed to be provided for the night, and the merchant did so in his generous ways, but you may decide the outcome!” Next morning, the weaver watched the king’s servants bring money for the second merchant. Destiny had rewarded him for his good deeds. The weaver thought, “The second merchant is not rich, but he leads a life which is better than the first merchant, who is very rich.” On his way homewards, the voice from heaven asked, “How do you want your money to be?” The weaver at once said, “Please give me only the money that I will be able to enjoy to the fullest like the second merchant.” His wish was granted, and Somilaka returned home with some money that made his wife happy. They lived happily, and were content with whatever they earned.


Action and destiny are two sides of a coin. Work with all your might but leave it to destiny. And stay happy and content.


One small chain is enough to control a large elephant. A small lamp is enough to erase the darkness. A Thunderbolt is enough to crush a large mountain. Your body, shape, size, beauty are not important. Only your strength and confidence are important.


Beautiful Mind

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Physically beautiful woman can gives you pleasure to only one night. But mentally beautiful woman gives you pleasure for lifetime. It’s a good idea to accept the person who is beautiful from the mind.


Shandili and the Sesame Seeds

There was a learned Brahmin, who lived in the outskirts of a city, with his wife called Shandili. They were a happy couple but they were poor. One morning, the Brahmin said to his wife, “Tomorrow is an auspicious day, there is a special festival. It will be a favourable time for alms. I shall visit the city, and I am sure to collect a lot of alms tomorrow to last us long.”

He continued, “At the same time, you must also invite a Brahmin, and provide him food and clothes. It is an auspicious day, and it will be a good deed.” When the wife heard this, she said, “How come you say this? I cannot invite any Brahmin as we are already very poor. We have neither good food, nor good clothes. I cannot afford to invite any Brahmin!” But the Brahmin explained, “Dear wife, even when we have a mouthful to eat, we must share half of it with someone in need.” After much convincing, the Brahmani agreed, “I have some sesame seeds. I will clean and remove their husks, and cook a tasty dish for a Brahmin.” The next morning, the Brahmin left for the city as planned. After he was gone, his wife cleaned the sesame seeds in warm water, and carefully removed their husks. She then put the sesame seeds outside in the sun to dry. Meanwhile, she started doing her household chores. During this time, a dog came and dirtied the sesame seeds. The Brahmani saw it, and immediately shooed the dog away. She thought, “Fate has undone my efforts. But these sesame seeds are all that I have. So, I will play a trick with the neighbour. I will offer to exchange these cleaned, un-husked sesame seeds with some husked sesame seeds. They will not suspect, and fall for the offer.” She went to her neighbour and proposed an exchange. The lady of the house was overwhelmed. It takes a lot of time to clean and remove the husks of the sesame seed. She found the offer very attractive, and offered some more sesame seeds in return.

As they were in the middle of the exchange, the neighbour’s son came out. He said, “Mother! Who would exchange cleaned sesame seeds with unclean ones? There must be some reason that she offers such lucrative offer. Please do not accept the exchange.” When the lady heard her son’s advice, she turned the offer down politely. When Shandili realized that she had failed to play the trick on her neighbour, she returned home.


When someone offers you something that is too good to be true, don’t be carried away by it – Think and analyse.

Life Goal

Sing like no one’s listening, love like you’ve never been hurt, dance like nobody’s watching, and live like it’s heaven on earth.



The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.