1. Human beings need difficulties, because it is necessary to enjoy success.
  2. If you want to shine like the sun then first burn like sun.
  3. We should think and act like a billion people, not like a country with a million population. Look at dreams, look at dreams, dream.
  4. Let me define a leader. It should have a vision and passion and should not be afraid of any problem. Rather, he should know how to beat it. Most importantly, he should work with integrity.
  5. Great teachers are created from knowledge, passion and compassion.
  6. If four things are to be followed – to be made a great goal, to acquire knowledge, to work hard, and to remain strong – anything can be achieved.
  7. I did not want to become anything more than a pilot. But, the destiny had some other plan.
  8. I was ready to accept that I could not change some things.
  9. If a country is to make the country of corruption-free and beautiful-minded people, I firmly believe that three main members of society can do this. Father, Mother and Guru.
  10. Before the dreams come true, you have to dream.


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