1. Democracy is a government created for people, by people, and people.
  2. Always keep in mind that your resolve to be successful is important from any other resolution.
  3. If you want peace, avoid popularity.
  4. To cut a tree, give me six hours and I will be able to sharpen the edge of the ax for the first four hours.
  5. Do I not destroy them by making enemies a friend?
  6. Nothing in this world is impossible for a person who wants to do something.
  7. If you look at any person with the intention of looking for evil then you will surely get it.
  8. You can not create any person’s character and courage by snatching his initiative and independence.
  9. I walk slowly, but sometimes I did not leave and neither did I turn back.
  10. Always remember that you have placed your feet in the right place, then only stand your industry.


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