1. Get up and wake up and do not wait until the goal is achieved.
  2. We are those who have made us our thinking, so keep in mind what you think.
  3. Take a thought and make that idea your life – think about it, look at her dreams, live that dream, this is the secret of success.
  4. Do one thing at a time and immerse your whole soul in that work.
  5. Unless you believe in yourself, you can not trust in god.
  6. External nature is only a great form of internal nature.
  7. Vaidanta does not know any sin, it only knows the error. And the Vedanta says that the biggest mistake is to say that you are weak, you are a sinner, you are a small creature, and you have no power and you can not do this.
  8. Dare to be free. As far as your thoughts go, dare to go there and dare to take them into their life.
  9. The fire which gives us heat, can destroy us, it is not the fault of fire.
  10. What you think will happen. If you think you are weak, you will become weak, if you think yourself powerful, you will become powerful.



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