1. The greatest victory is love, it always wins the heart.
  2. I have enacted law against killing some animals and many other creatures, but the biggest progress of religion among the people comes from giving a message to the living beings not to hurt and kill them.
  3. Successful King is the one who knows what the public needs.
  4. Anyone who can get what they want, just have to pay a fair price to him.
  5. Every religion teaches us the lessons of love, compassion and goodness. If we go ahead in this direction then there will be no dispute between anybody.
  6. Parents should be respected and elders should also strengthen compassion towards living beings and truth should be spoken.
  7. He who respects him with the intention of promoting the glory of his community and humiliates the sect of others, by such acts, he severely injures his own community.
  8. There is no place in any religion for those who kill animals and other creatures.


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