1. Every child comes with the message that God has not yet been discouraged by humans.
  2. Everything that belongs to us comes to us; If we have the capacity to absorb it.
  3. I have become my optimism of being an optimist. If I can not go through a door then I will go to another- or create a new door. Whatever is present in the dark, something spectacular will emerge.
  4. I slept and dreamed that life is fun. I awakened and saw that there is life service. I have served and found that service is joy.
  5. If you close the doors for all the mistakes then the truth will be left out.
  6. In art, the person exposes himself to not artwork.
  7. Butterfly does not count the month but moment, and it has enough time.
  8. The highest education is that which not only gives us information, but brings our life in harmony with all existence.
  9. The breaking of your idol into dust is proven that the dust of God is great than your idol.
  10. The water kept in the vessel shines; Sea water is unclear. Short truths can be explained with the words, the great truth remains silent.


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