Way A Man Is Tested

The Gold is tested in four ways rubbing, cutting, heating, and beating; In the same way a man is tested by his sacrifice, behavior, qualities and actions.


Most Powerful Weapons

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Youth and feminine beauty are the most powerful weapons in the world.



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Time perfects men as well as destroys them. Time is in nobody’s hand. Nobody is friend or enemy to none. Time makes everyone friend and enemy.


How To Start Work

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Before starting any work, ask yourself “Why I am starting this work? Can I get success in this work? What are the loss and profits of this work?”. If you get satisfactory answers, then go ahead.


Love ❤

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A bee that cuts the wood, does not dare to cut a flower. This is called love.


Best Place For Live

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It is not good for a wise man to live in a city where people break the law, don’t fear of honor, don’t donate and don’t respect the art.



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To test the reality of gold, we burn it in a fire. Similarly, the allegations on individuals test their genuineness.


How To Control Good & Bad Person

You can take control a greedy person by paying money, But if you want to control a good person, then you have to tell the truth.



One small chain is enough to control a large elephant. A small lamp is enough to erase the darkness. A Thunderbolt is enough to crush a large mountain. Your body, shape, size, beauty are not important. Only your strength and confidence are important.


Beautiful Mind

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Physically beautiful woman can gives you pleasure to only one night. But mentally beautiful woman gives you pleasure for lifetime. It’s a good idea to accept the person who is beautiful from the mind.