1. If you want to walk fast then let alone. But if you want to walk far, then walk together.
  2. One can not destroy iron, but it can make its own war! In the same way no one can ruin anybody, but he can do his own mentality.
  3. Raise the stones which throw people over you and use them to make a memorial stand.
  4. We all do not have the same merit but we have an equal opportunity to develop our talent.
  5. We should take inspiration from successful people – if they can succeed then why do not we? But while taking inspiration, eyes should be kept open.
  6. Tens of millions of people work harder but everyone gets their results differently. Hard work is responsible for all of these. Therefore, do not participate in hard work, improve the ways of hard work.
  7. If any work fulfills the standards of the masses, he must do it, but if not, do not hesitate to do so.
  8. Every person has some special qualities and talent, so every person should recognize the qualities and talents within them.
  9. Everything is fine, sometimes taking a break from work, bunking a class, bringing less marks to any exam or quarreling with younger siblings, everything is fine. When we are on the last stop of our life, then these small things will make us laugh and the company’s promotion, 24 hours continuous work, all these will not make any sense on that day. We humans are no computers, enjoy life, do not always make it serious.
  10. The person who imitates others, can be successful for some time, but does not grow too much in life.


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